Six Week Course starts 31st October 2018

Struggling with the stress and overwhelm of parenting young kids?
You’re not alone, and it can get better.

Do any of these describe you?

  • You feel exhausted trying to manage your young kids’ meltdowns and getting them to do what you ask every day.
  • You’re sick of the yelling (from you and them).
  • You often think there must be better ways to handle your kids, but you're not sure what they are.
  • Bottom line: You’re tired of battling with your kids. You just want to be the calm, happy and loving parent you always imagined you’d be. And you want to be sure you're doing the right things so your children grow up happy.

There is a better way!


Imagine what it would feel like if you could: 

  • Speak to your kids with calm patience every time and never lose it with them!
  • Connect with your kids so they want to do what you ask.
  • No longer need to resort to threats and punishments to get your children to cooperate.
  • Understand your kids’ emotional outbursts and meltdowns, respond with empathy and know how to calm them.
  • Teach your kids how to handle their own big emotions and challenges as they grow up.
  • Help your kids grow up feeling good about themselves, fully loved and supported by you.
  • Feel much less stressed as a parent, with simple strategies you can use to de-stress when life gets overwhelming.

All of this is within your reach. And the online mindful parenting course, Parenting With Joy, can help you get there.

Parenting With Joy is here to help you. 

I’m Suzie Brown, parenting coach, mindfulness trainer and author of the Feed the Parent Mindful Parenting blog. I’ve created Parenting With Joy to empower you to be the parent you want to be. 

For 10 years I’ve been teaching mindfulness skills to busy parents, stressed workers and people who suffer anxiety and chronic pain.

I’ve coached hundreds of parents in techniques to connect with and calm their kids down so they can handle their big emotions. The result: fewer meltdowns and more cooperation from their children!

I’m also mother to my 5 year-old daughter, Lila, who’s very spirited and stubborn. So I’ve road-tested these techniques on a tough customer and I know they work!

When you join me for the 6-week course you will learn:
  1. Simple ways to calm your own stress levels, be more present and be more in control of your emotional reactions.
  2. How to connect better with your children so they’ll feel calmer and be more cooperative.
  3. Strategies you can teach your children so they can deal with their emotional overwhelm.

The more you use what you learn in this course in your day to day, the better able you will be to raise happier, more resilient kids who have great relationships with their parents!

Enrol in Parenting With Joy today and you’ll get:

  1. Six modules which include 1-3 short videos (10-15 mins each) per week
  2. Associated activity sheets (PDF)
  3. Guided audio meditations linked to the content
  4. PDF Posters (A4 printables) linked to the content
  5. Weekly email reminders and motivations


  • Weekly Facebook Live Q&A sessions with Suzie Brown - get all your questions answered!
  • A private Facebook group to share & support each other
  • BONUS MODULE: Calmer Lifestyle - How to Reduce Stress In Yours and Your Kids’ Daily Life


You also have the option to upgrade to the Premium package which includes three private Skype or phone sessions with Suzie Brown and email or messenger access to get your questions answered 7 days/week!

"Thanks to Suzie's teachings, I have been able to immediately implement mindful parenting into my daily life with my son. And I've seen immediate results! I'm amazed at the transformation in me and my son. I am calmer in my reactions to my son's outbursts, and he's more receptive to hearing me. I feel like my relationship with him has blossomed greatly thanks to this course."

Cari Twitchell
Content Writer and Mother

"Suzie has been instrumental in supporting me with mindful parenting tips and strategies. Especially when I have been challenged with difficult behaviours from my 6 year-old son. I've learnt so much that I now have better ways of communicating with my children when they're triggered or upset. Thank-you Suzie."

Lisa Pollard
Lisa Pollard Yoga and mother of two

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Here's what you'll learn in the course:

MODULE 1 – What You Need to Succeed With Mindful Parenting

1.     How to Find Contentment & Joy by Changing Our Expectations About Parenting

2.     Identifying What’s Really Important For You As a Parent  

3.     Learning Why You’re Stressed & What You Can Do About It


1.     Understand the Science Your Emotions and Reactions

2.     Understanding Your Personal Triggers of Anger

3.     Tools to Reduce Your Reactivity and Calm Down in the Heat of the Moment


1.     How Connection Calms Your Kids and Helps Them Cooperate

2.     Three Types of Connection & How to Do Them

3.     How to Use Empathy to Calm Them & You


1.     The Science of Your Kids’ Emotional Reactions & Why They Can’t Control Themselves

2.     Getting Cooperation Calmly: What to Do When The Kids Won’t Listen or Do What’s Asked

3.     Setting Clear Limits Without Punishment

4.     How to Handle Specific Challenges, Including Hitting, Biting & Sibling Fighting


1.     Handling Upsets, Meltdowns & Tantrums Using Empathy‚Ä®

2.     Welcoming And Handling Your Kids Emotions & Challenges


1.     Self Care for Resilient Parents

2.     Being Okay With Difficulty (Especially Sleep Deprivation)


1.     A Mindful Lifestyle—Calm and Routine

2.     Simplifying Your Schedule

3.     Reducing Information Overload and Overstimulation

4.     Decluttering Your Home


Register Now for Early Bird Pricing ($50 off)!

EARLY BIRD Course Enrolment




EARLY BIRD Premium Enrolment




Helping Mothers and their Children in India

10 per cent of all profits from sales of the Parenting With Joy course will go to the Bodhicitta Foundation, who help women and children in the slums of India get healthcare and education. It's a charity I've supported for a long time and I'd love you to help me!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the course involve? I’m a very busy parent!

I hear you! The course has been designed with busy parents in mind. The materials have been split into 10-minute chunks, making it easy to squeeze into your spare moments. Each week there’s a total of about 30 minutes of video or audio to listen to, plus about 30 minutes of written activities and guided meditations.  The whole idea of the course is to put it into action with your kids, though, so a lot of what you’ll be doing will just be part of your normal daily routine!

What age group should my kids be in for this course to be useful to me?

Parenting With Joy gives you strategies to use with children aged from around 1-10 years old. Part of the course focuses on mindfulness strategies for you, the parent, to reduce your stress levels, which applies to all parents!

How long will I have access to the course?

You’ll get the course materials for life. You can come back and watch the videos and read the materials again as often as you like.  

How do I access the course?

You’ll receive a private login username and password that you can use to access the course on the course website. All materials will be available to you from Day 1. You can access the course on your phone, tablet or computer. And I'll send you an email each week to invite you to access the new week’s content and keep you on track.

What if I get behind in the course?

No problem. We designed this course to fit your lifestyle. You can follow along at your own pace.  

Do I have to meditate to do the course? I’m not sure about that!

Meditation is one of the best ways to train your mind to be more present and mindful, so it’s a great way to become a more mindful parent. I make it easy for you by keeping the meditations very short (5-10 minutes) and helping you to find ways to fit it into your day easily. And there’s no need to sit in uncomfortable positions! Plus you’ll find many of the guided meditations to be a relaxation time-out and stress relief, more than anything. But, as with everything in the course, you can just check it out and adopt what works for you and leave the rest!   

What does the Premium level of the course involve? 

The Premium course upgrade gives you all the features of the regular course, plus you’ll get personal access to me via two Skype or phone sessions plus email contact with me 7 days a week during the six weeks of the course. If you feel your parenting or personal challenges are particularly stressful and you’d like extra support, this level would be ideal for you. There are a limited number of Premium level places available.    

Do you have a payment plan? I’m not sure if I can afford this.

No, there is no payment plan due to the relatively short duration of the course we don’t have the option to pay in instalments.  We’ve also kept the course price low, recognising that many parents work part-time or not at all. For the price of just one home visit from a parenting consultant, you will get a six-week course with email and Facebook support from me and a community of parents who are on your side!

Is there a refund policy?

Yes. I want to give you every chance to try the program with confidence, so I’m offering a hassle-free guarantee. If you decide Parenting With Joy isn’t a good fit for you within the first 7 days after the course commences, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

All you need to do is email me and let me know what you were originally looking for with the course (and why you’d like a refund), and we’ll give you a full refund.

Got more questions? Feel free to email me anytime at: 

Get the support and advice you need to help transform your parenting life into calm and connection—not conflict and stress! Join Parenting with Joy today!

Register Now for Early Bird Pricing ($50 off)!

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EARLY BIRD Premium Enrolment




"Suzie is a wonderful mentor who loves what she does and brings clarity and calm to those stressful parenting moments."

Victoria, Australia

"Suzie's Mindful Parenting training beautifully blends the art of mindfulness into each interaction we have with our children for a calmer, happier family life. Suzie does an excellent job at breaking down a big topic with big emotions into bite-size, achievable pieces carried out in a really practical way. Thanks Suzie! "

Tina Smith
Your New Wings Coaching & Mother of 2

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